Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete provides unique finishes that can bring new character to your home.

A Textured Finish That's Rock Solid

About Saba Concreting Sydney

Stamped Concrete is an incredible way to bring your concrete driveway and your entire front yard to life!

There are numerous designs not to mention numerous benefits to getting a stamped concrete driveway for your home. Why pay for cobble stones or slate when stamped concrete is not only more customizable for a better price, but easier to maintain as well!

What’s Involved With Laying Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concreting involves imprinting a pattern/design plus texture onto the concrete slab, mimicking many variants of rock, tile or stone. This is further customized by choosing from the many colour options available.

With many different options and combinations available when choosing your stamped concrete design, you can be confident that you will have a modern, fresh and unique design added to your home!

Things To Consider When Going For Stamped Concrete

- Built to last – Stamped Concrete is strong, weather durable, and easy to clean.

- While stamped concrete gives a great finish, it still does not look EXACTLY like genuine bricks, slate or pavers (there is even a wood texture!). Depending on colour choice and impression though, it can come quite close.

- Maintenance friendly and long life. The life span and durability of concrete is amazing. Stamped concrete is also a great choice as there are no actual openings but only the stamped impression, which means weeds and other nasties will never push through. Your stamped concrete slab will look cleaner, longer.

- Quality Gauranteed. Saba Concreting Sydney’s experience will ensure you love the end result!

It Pays To Hire A Professional

We won’t lie, laying down a new slab with a stamped concrete impression is tough work. Many times people have called us after half attempting a DIY concreting job, and wound up quite sore and sorry! This is even moreso the case with stamped concrete, as it takes considerably more knowledge to get the job done right. This includes an even colour distribution across the slab.

Leave all the hard lifting to us. We guarantee that your choice to get a professional concreter to complete your project will have you thanking us afterward!

For more information regarding stamped concrete and how it can transform your Sydney home, contact us today.