Stencil Concrete

Stencil concrete reinvents the way your home will look.

A Fantastic Looking Finish

Stencil Concrete Sydney

Stencil Concrete is a fantastic way to transform your outdoor living or garden areas. Are you looking to revamp the outdoor areas of your home with something colourful and stylish? Then Stencil Concrete is definitely for you!

With many colours and varieties in patterns, stencil concrete can be made to suit just about any homes outdoor setting, and please all tastes.

Saba Concreting Sydney offer a wide range of patterns and colours to mix and match, giving your home a unique, modern and beautiful design.

Stencil Concrete is a fantastic alternative to traditional pavers or tiles.

Why Stencil Concrete?

- Easy to clean. Stencil Concrete is weather durable and easy to manage and clean.

- Stencil Concrete gives the effect of pavement/tiles yet is gap free – which means no annoying weeds or dirt coming through the joints!

- Wide Variety of colours/designs. Stencil Concrete provides a potentially much cheaper alternative to getting a rare or fancy brick/pavement!

Interested in seeing what designs are available? Download our brochure and have a look!

Can it be done without hiring a professional?

Sure, Stencil Concrete can be done as a DIY project, but the risks are great. Its delicate work, and when you hire a professional, you can be rest assured that the end product will always turn out much sharper and of a higher standard. Saba Concreting’s professional concreters have performed many different jobs with stencil concrete in Sydney, and guarantee their work!

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